UPDATE – 15 Nov 2017

Australia has voted for Marriage Equality.

It is the Prime Minister’s hope that the parliament passes a bill before Christmas 2018 – recognising the right for people to marry ♥regardless of gender and identity♥ The first (Sen. Dean Smith) bill is likely to be presented today, with debate commencing tomorrow. At this stage the timeframe for enactment is uncertain.

Please note:

  • The form called the ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ must be lodged with your celebrant one calendar month before your wedding.  Once the marriage equality bill is enacted we will be advised as to availability of the new forms – here is the link to the Marriages section of the Attorney General’s website. Call me if you see the change before I do! Mob.  0400 054 175.
  • If you are in a same-sex marriage and were married in another country, once this legislation is passed it is likely that this marriage will be recognised in Australia and therefore it is unlikely that you will be able to remarry in Australia. I am not a lawyer, but this is my reading of the situation.
  • I am travelling in Ireland from 11 December – 27 January 2018 and will be doing my best to respond to emails and messages. I thought I might try to meet with people who have been married or marrying people under the new marriage equality regime in Ireland, for their insights. So if you don’t hear from me immediately I may be asleep or participating in a little diddly diddly at the local (music!)
  • Oh, happy happy day!