Celebrant Blue Mountians Anne Fitzgerald You may or may not need these links. Generally I will provide you with a Notice of Intended Marriage form so there is no need to print this.

Some of these links are to external sites eg the Attorney General’s site. At times the links to these forms may not work due to work done by these external bodies. If this occurs contact me here and I’ll respond quickly.

Links to Forms

  • Notice of Intended Marriage   If you are to marry we will complete this form at the first meeting – this is the form you need to complete and provide to the celebrant a month before the date of the marriage. I will supply this form. Find it here Notice of Intended Marriage .
  • At times a Commonwealth Statutory Declaration may need to be completed. Find this here.

Links for Documents

For details of fees and turnaround times when applying for documents held in NSW this site is useful.

  • Proof of Divorce To apply for proof of divorce, click here.  The process differs slightly depending upon the date of divorce, however you will receive the same document issued by the court when the divorce was finalised. (A third party applicant receives a Divorce Certificate).
  • Certified Marriage Certificate Shortly after the wedding (within 14 days), you can apply to that agency for a certified copy of your Marriage Certificate. This is an official copy of the marriage registration. (You also have the option to buy a commemorative certificate to keep as a memento). Apply online here shortly after the wedding. Once you have received your standard Marriage Certificate, personal documentation—such as your driver’s licence and passport—can be changed to your married surname when you present your Standard Marriage Certificate. The NSW government link to this information is here.
  • Birth Certificate Apply here if you were born in NSW. Or apply to the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages in your state, all linked from this Australian Government page
  • Death Certificate of the deceased spouse.  Apply here if the death occurred NSW. Or apply to the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages in your state, all linked from this Australian Government page.

Translation and Interpreter Services

Complaints about Celebrants

The Attorney General’s Department’s advice for registering a complaint about a celebrant can be found at this link here.  It begins…

“If you want to make a complaint about a Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrant, you should consider:

  • whether you can settle the matter directly with the celebrant
  • that we do not have the power to make a celebrant refund money
  • that your complaint may be refused if it is not made within three months of the event. You can email us at marriagecelebrantssection@ag.gov.au to request more time. 

    The following people or organisations can all make a complaint:

  • a party to a marriage (or a proposed marriage)
  • a member of the public
  • registries of births, deaths and marriages
  • government departments.”