Exquisite Wedding =/= Expensive Wedding

Would love to tie the knot, Anne, but there a few impediments!

When my dear friend Marcus passed on his congratulations about my new career, we both knew that his first challenge was the matter of marriage equality in Australia.  The second was finding a life partner. The third was… a Sydney mortgage.

I referred Marcus to my post Marriage Equality For Dummies. He knows I care and I’m trying! The whole life partner thing is something I can’t do much about… apart from empathising and supporting him through the excruciations of online dating services.

However, I scored with my contention that a Sydney mortgage is not a reason not to have a gorgeous, romantic, intimate, classy, perfectly unique and magical wedding ceremony and reception. What the heck – make it a festival! He promised to file my victory for later use. (Sigh. Go Markus! Go Australia!)

I know it can be done. It will be my mission to prove it.

Plenty of couples have married elsewhere, or have lived lovingly – without a marriage ceremony. Plenty married in a whirlwind of youth or expectations. Plenty of loving couples have lived perfectly happily as families without any ceremony at all. So why consider a relationship ceremony – a commitment or renewal ceremony or for those lucky Australians who qualify(!) an Australian wedding ?

It is my contention that the Blue Mountains is the ideal inspiration for a mindful, inexpensive, exquisite celebration of love.

I contend that the mortgage, the fees, the repayments, the tedium of work or lack of work… the everyday troubles that weigh us down, are the very reason why we need to hop on the train, or hit the M4 and head west. Magical, beautiful places welcome the careful, mindful lover. Pick your own adventure!

Life is short. Things happen. Every day that you can be happy is a day worth trying. In a world that sometimes – lets face it – increasingly perfectly fits the ‘world gone mad’ cliche, I urge you to stop — and cherish and nurture what matters.

And nothing matters more than love.

But we don’t want too much debt, do we? So look out for great ideas on this webpage for keeping the costs down and the experience exquisite.