I have previously changed my name

If you have been known by another name, or if you wish to change your name, when it comes to completing the requirements of the Marriage Act there are a few things you need to know.

  1. The name you put on the NOIM is the name you need to use to sign the marriage certificates.

2. The name on the NOIM must be the same as the name on the birth certificate, or if you have changed your name, it must be the same as the name on your Change of Name certificate.  Where you have changed your name by usage, you can apply to the BDM in the State or Territory where they live or were born for a Change of Name certificate to be issued to reflect the name changed by usage.

3. If you would like to use a name other than the name on their birth certificate you can complete the NOIM using the birth certificate name and you can then apply immediately to BDM to be issued with a Change of Name certificate (which should arrive within the 30 day NOIM period). Once I sight this Change of Name certificate we can amend the NOIM with the stated name and you can sign the marriage certificated under this name.

4. If you have changed your name by Deed Poll you may use name this on the NOIM. Please bring original documentation of this name change.

Please not that you may encounter difficulties obtaining an Australian passport in your Deed Poll names. In some States Deed Poll name changes have been transferred to the Register of Change of Names. If you have changed your name by Deed Poll,  check with the BDM in the State or Territory where the change was executed to see whether you need to obtain a Change of Name certificate.

What is the Deed Poll? In the past a person wishing to formally change their name would apply to the State Registrar of Deeds or Titles. This was called changing your name by Deed Poll. That process has now largely been replaced throughout the States and Territories by Change of Name procedures under which a person applies to have a change of name registered with the State or Territory BDM.