Headshot of Blue Mountains celebrant, Anne FitzgeraldThese moments and relationships are life-affirming in an often challenging world. They are precious and important, and they shape our lives.  The majestic and romantic Blue Mountains is a perfect place for celebrating love. Together we will create a wonderful ceremony and a memorable day—and have a fabulous time in the process. As Ella so wonderfully sang—Let’s Do It! 

Weddings by Anne Fitzgerald

Preparing for a ceremony that complies with the legal requirements of the Marriage Act is usually straightforward. The first step is a phone conversation, after which we meet to commence the process. If necessary (eg you live outside of Australia) the initial steps can occur via phone or Skype.

The Paperwork Before the wedding, and during the ceremony, we need to complete a range of documents to meet the legal requirements of the Australian Marriage Act. I prepare and assist with this, and will lodge all necessary documentation after the ceremony.

Preparing the Ceremony At the initial meeting we will begin to discuss the ceremony. We will meet as necessary and keep in contact until you are happy with your ceremony design. I will provide a range of ceremonies to inspire you. You may like to create meaningful, new traditions to celebrate life and love.  We can draw from your cultural heritage, beliefs, philosophy, values and passions, and from the arts and sciences that inspire you. I can offer you glimpses of what has inspired others. Together we can weave a ceremony that is uniquely your own.

Rehearsal We will rehearse the ceremony the day before the wedding. Your wedding party and participants will feel more relaxed if all their questions are answered. We will check the sound, seating and the flow of the ceremony and make sure special needs are catered for.

Let me walk you through the steps. Click here for details including what to bring to our first meeting.

Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment Ceremonies with Anne Fitzgerald, celebrantThe marriage equality debate in Australia is yet to produce change in the Australian Marriage Act, and many of us eagerly await the day that Australian law recognises the loving commitment of all consenting adults who want to marry, irrespective of gender and identity.

Some people wish to wait, or are compelled to wait, until the law in Australia changes to allow the marriage of couples, regardless of gender and identity.

Meanwhile, a commitment ceremony is available to all. If I can assist you with this it would be my honour. If you later decide to marry in the Mountains, once this is possible or appropriate, I will happily waive from the fee the amount paid to me for the commitment ceremony if I officiate at your wedding, so you are not paying twice for what should be your right.

Renewal of Vows 

I would be delighted to assist you with a reaffirmation ceremony, or renewal of vows. These ceremonies can occur at any time in your relationship, eg immediately after an overseas wedding, or if you want to celebrate a reunion, special anniversary, or simply have the party that wasn’t possible at the time of the wedding.

There are no rules and no expectations so you can create your own adventure! Some ideas in this wikihow article might get an interesting conversation going.Ceremonies with fun! Chess and a jazz band